At Beattie FRC, we undertake a wide range of Design & Build projects

  • Beattie FRC is a one-stop solution for major construction projects, we are experienced construction engineering specialists that offer a wide range of innovative solutions for complex projects. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
  • Beattie FRC specialises in civil engineering groundworks and their leadership team has a long and distinguished reputation. We are experienced building and civil engineering contractors, and we work with a wide range of sectors including retail, commercial residential, energy, harbours, bridges.

Services we provide 

Temporary works design
Permanent works design
Deep basement reinforced concrete construction
Top-down construction
Core construction, utilising self-climbing formwork and slipform
Hybrid building structures, utilising a combination of in-situ and precast concrete
Design and installation of Industrial Concrete Floors
Wastewater treatment plants
Design and installation of Industrial Concrete Floors

Deep basement reinforced concrete construction

Once the excavation is completed, the core foundation and basement slab begin, which requires placing a large volume of concrete followed by careful monitoring to avoid cracking. We work closely with clients to arrange pour sizes, waterproofing, mix properties and more to ensure concrete basements are watertight.


We provide a complete flooring service, from planning through to installation and maintenance. This includes floor design, full reinforcement, metal decking, saw cutting and more. 
Concrete flooring technology evolves all the time to meet the needs of the industry, including technologies like self-compacting concrete. We offer a range of reinforced concrete flooring solutions and modern plant and equipment, and our attention to detail is second to none.
Our expertise in the latest technologies ensures we consistently provide innovative solutions. We have built our reputation on quality, trust and transparency, and no matter how complex the project is, we provide the solutions you need.

Top-down construction

Top-down construction is where construction is carried out from top to bottom, making it different to standard construction methods that begin at the ground level. It is often used for deep basements or where work on the project needs to begin early.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

We work on large projects for commercial and industrial clients. We create steel and concrete structures for a wide range of projects, from bridges to hotels, and most of our projects are located in very busy commercial centres or situations that are complex for environmental reasons. 
We specialise in planning large projects with complex logistics while maintaining strict safety procedures throughout.

Core construction, utilising self-climbing formwork and slipform

The self-climbing formwork is used for large vertical structures and rises as the construction progresses. It is useful for repetitive constructions, and we utilise hydraulic jacks for self-climbing so they move on their own. Slipform is used on a wide range of structures, and it can often be the best method depending on various factors. Slip forming rigs are carefully constructed by us to match the specific needs of the client.

Offshore Wind Farm

Beattie FRC has been involved in various offshore wind farms.
Offshore wind power is a constantly renewable and infinite energy source, and the conversion of wind into power creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As we work to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gases, offshore wind power will play an essential role in our future electricity generation.
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