Why Beattie FRC Quality, Safety and Sustainability

   As well as maintaining exceptional quality standards, Beattie FRC puts a strong focus on safety and sustainability to lead the way in a challenging industry.
We invest heavily in training and personal development. Our Health & Safety consultants manages the safety division, and our workforce is fully trained to ensure it operates safely and professionally.
We are also focused on sustainability. We use alternative materials where possible, and our Sustainability consultant provides assistance and advice to all divisions.

Why Beattie FRC

At Beattie FRC, we are committed to providing construction solutions safely, on budget and on time while promoting greater sustainability.
We provide smart solutions and a focus on innovation to always go above and beyond for our clients. Plus, our integrated in-house services and broad expertise provide greater control and better outcome certainty.
We build strong relationships with our customers and partners, and we have an excellent reputation for quality. We are also committed to sustainable construction practices, and we have built a superb reputation based on trust.

Offering a Complete Solution

Our clients do not need to source different subcontractors for different tasks. Beattie FRC provide an all-in-one service, reducing time and expense.
We comprise several successful divisions, so it can provide a wide array of construction services. We construct the infrastructure, including groundworks division, drainage, kerbing, reinstatement, formwork design & supply, plant, scaffolding installation, supply, testing & design, netting and all types of edge protection systems.
We are focused on completing the contract works using in-house resources, giving us far greater control over the contracts, increasing the safety and efficiency of construction methods, and providing a faster service while reducing costs and improving quality.

Our Clients Come First

At Beattie FRC our customer service is at the centre of our operations. We are committed to delivering on time and on budget, and we constantly innovate to provide the best value for money. We work closely with our supply chain, and we focus fully on our clients, providing them with the best solutions for their contracts while maintaining our commitment to high quality and safety.

Mission Statement

Constructing a Sustainable Future
“The Egan and Latham Reports have had far-reaching effects on the way the construction sector undertakes its business. For many years, the demands of this highly competitive market were understood to be diametrically opposed to the underlying ethos of these Reports. However, Beattie FRC has evolved a sustainable development strategy which systematically and successfully integrates vital environmental and social considerations into financial planning and business management.
We believe it is no longer acceptable to enter into a major Construction Project without adopting a Social Inclusion Policy which will aid the regeneration of the social fabric of the communities where our construction activities will impact. As sustainability emerges as a key government objective, Beattie FRC has embarked upon various initiatives that fully embrace the culture of practical sustainability within the construction sector.
The Beattie FRC has achieved an enviable reputation regarding our fully integrated approach towards ‘constructing a sustainable future’. We have adopted the ‘Forward Scotland’ sustainable development model as a tool to measure our impact on the community (see appended model).
We believe that to achieve optimum performance from this strategy, a strong partnering concept must be formulated which maximises sustainable opportunities and achieves agreed key performance indicators.
Constructing a sustainable future is one of the basic tenets of the overall corporate strategy of the Company which has challenged the normal practices prevalent within the industry.
Beattie FRC has the vision – can the industry meet the challenge?”

Billy Beattie – Managing Director
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